Wednesday, December 22, 2010

warna tema? hmm..

wah semakin rajin mengupdate ni..pdhal keje byk..jgn contohi sy..sila selesaikan tugas2 anda sblm wt perkara lain..ini kerana sy dilanda mood yg mls n sudah tepu ditahap mega maksima..smbil2 tu terpikir apakah warna tema yg dimahukan utk majlis tu nanti..aishh..spt di entry sblm ni..incik tunang spertinya mahu warna putih n merah utk his side..ok blum btl2 decide lg..masih blum boleh approved lg..hehe..dlm kpl ni sepertinya berminat dgn kaler ala2 match la dgn kaler lain..ada jugak la google berkenaan kaler2 ni..heh..siap wt shortlist kaler2 yg boleh diconsiderkan..antaranya..


Aqua Palettes}: Fun-loving, fresh and vibrant. A favorite of beach brides, especially tropical ones. But aqua shows up in plenty of other places, too. It's a favorite paired with chocolate brown for brides who want a fun and modern palette, and aqua and hot pink are also make a pretty palette. Here lately we're even seeing aqua paired with red which makes for a lovely duo.

 PALE PINK{Pale Pink Palettes}: The lighter shades of pink speak to romance, playfulness, and a sense of sweetness. Not to mention it's association with new love and all things pretty. Pale pink works beautifully in Spring or Summer weddings & looks gorgeous is garden & chapel weddings. Pale pink goes beautifully with champagne, light greens & grays. Pink is delicate, soft & beyond charming.

{Red Palettes}: Passionate, dramatic, and packed with personality, this romantic hue can really be used in different ways to create entirely different looks. Depending on how you pair it! Red looks gorgeous with aquas, grays or even greens. The perfect color for Summer and Winter weddings.

{Ivory Palettes:} (kaler ala2 krim @ pearl) Ivory is elegant, old-world and soft-spoken. Ivory speaks of hand-polished silver and ironed linen. There is something very charming & calming about Ivory. It's less harsh than white and can really evoke a certain old timey feel. A great alternative to white, ivory can work with almost any color.

{Silver Palettes}: Silver is upscale and elegant - its a color that speaks to all things antique. It makes a beautiful compliment to Winter weddings & it's metallic quality really makes it special.

 YELLOW{Yellow Palettes}: Optimistic, cheery, and packed full of happy thoughts... Yellow is the kick your shoes off and dance kind of color. Lovely with colors like navy, latte, red, or even orange- Yellow has endless possibilities. But one thing is for sure- Yellow is 100 % fun! Perfect for Spring or Summer weddings. We're seeing this color pop up quite often here lately because of the fun factor it brings with it.

{White Palettes}:When brides around the world think about having a classic wedding they picture this color. White is associated with purity, simplicity & modernity. Its clean, and it's minimalistic. In some contexts, white can be considered traditional. However, suprisingly white can also be considered very modern if you use large amounts of it by itself.

*source from The Perfect Palette =')

ha...cemana tu..tetibe dolu2 kawen xde pn pening2 nk pikir kaler tema ni, redah je..skrg ni mmg trend..abis sume nk ikut kaler itula yg sweet kn?kn? ok stop merepek..those kaler2 yg kt atas tu boley la nk di mix and match..hee..nk kena discuss2 dgn k.mona a.k.a wedding planner nih..semoga ada la hasilnyer nanti..amin...

much love,

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